Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Almost Up and Running

I am at 25 out of the 35 necessary commitments I need to start the cookbook. According to mathematicians everywhere, that means I have 71% of the necessary members. I am so close and I can’t wait to start trying recipes. Haven’t signed up yet? What are you waiting for?

Some people have gotten worried about the fact that their recipes aren’t healthy enough. Sign up and send them in any way! A lot of what I’m hoping to do with the book involves writing memoir type stories and anecdotes. So even if your recipe makes hearts and arteries everywhere shudder, I will probably still use it! I want good, healthy food, but I really want great stories. I hope to become a professional writer and utilizing these skills in a cookbook certainly can only help my ultimate goal.

Offers for recipes have also come in from people not using the campaign on the point, and I hope to use those. I have received responses from some cookbook authors and bloggers that I greatly respect and am so excited to hear from them. In particular, I have heard from Nava Atlas, the author of Vegan Express (my favorite vegan cookbook), Amy Cook, the author of the food blog at and Janelle, the author of the blog Talk of Tomatoes. Their advice and encouragement has been great to hear, or I suppose to read.

Offers for recipes from my father have also come in, though he hasn’t signed up for the point campaign either. He has offered me a tasty hot dog recipe. I’ll give a big hint for this one: it involves boiling water. Don’t say you didn’t get any sneak peaks!


I will wait until the rest of my recipes come in while I work on some of my own. I work on recipes my mom has taught me, some I have taught her, and some that I think she will like. Plus, I spend many of my nights trying recipes from the authors listed above, from Cooking Light magazine and from my imagination. So I’ve got plenty to keep me busy -- oh, and getting a job and apartment in NYC occupy some of my time also.

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