Monday, July 28, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup - No Good!

I have been researching high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for a project at work and found a huge number of people interested in getting rid of HFCS in their diet. I wrote a note on facebook about some of the issues regarding HFCS and why the stuff is so nasty for the body. Plus, the web has a plethora of articles, blog posts and campaigns dealing with the subject. If you are interested in reading any of them - here are some of the most interesting and informative I've found:Feeding Kids, US Food Policy Blog, The Fat ExPat, and Culinate.

The campaign on The Point that led me to find this information is using the approach of a carrot (consumer dollars) instead of a boycott. We want to show soda manufacturers how many people would buy soda if it was sweetened with pure cane or beet sugar instead of HFCS. Jones Soda made the switch, and maybe one of the major companies will too. Anyone interested in joining can find the campaign here.

My boyfriend is getting more and more concerned that I'm going to make him a health nut too. He relaxed a little after he ate the jambalaya I made him this weekend (vegan and HFCS free!).

Okay I may have added some chorizo to his half of the dish, but I do love making him happy! He returned to New York last night, but only one month until I move up there.

Until then, I send him songs like this that hopefully embarrass him at work.


  1. Found your blog on the USFood Policy site. Looks like you have some great recipes here. I'm a mom and trying to cut out as much HFCS as I can, but I'm convinced the key is to train our palates not to crave sweets, in any form, so much. It drives me crazy when companies take out HFCS and replace it with Splendra, then say it is low in sugar.

  2. Nice post. We've recently cut out all HFCS foods from our home. It's a struggle, but doable. I agree with the previous commenter that the struggle is to learn to like foods without as much sugar. That is so very hard because everything is drenched in sugar these days.