Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting the word out

The first and most important step about this process is getting the word out about the project. Now, I admit, maybe this is just the most important step so far, but one thing at a time right?

I started by emailing some of my friends and family. Seems simple. You know me - you might have even given birth to me and this is your present - so you should sign up. But after a disappointing day of no additional members on my campaign, I realized something wasn't working right. So when today the number rose I checked out my first convert: my roommate. I think she partly joined because she knows the sooner we get these recipes, the sooner she gets to help me make them, and taste them.

Roomie* told me she wasn't aware that she could join the group without having her recipe ready to go. Well of course! That would slow some people down; finding a recipe takes a lot more work than just signing up online. So I went for round 2 of emails, this time explaining exactly what I was asking of them, and sure enough I had another member. I wonder if Gandhi got jazzed about people believing in him. I sure do. So now I have an important aspect to my strategy: make it clear, make it simple and make it still sound smart. After almost a year of not having to answer for my writing habits (don't like the lack of capitalization and punctuation in my emails? welp, sucks for you) I find myself having to return to clear and concise. I hope I can get back into the groove.

*I don't know if Laura cares if I put her name in here. Seeing as how I only have one roommate at the moment and taking into account the amount of Laura's there are in the world, I don't see how using Laura instead of an asinine pseudonym like "Roomie" could affect her in any way.

Now I will return to searching the masses for cooks and mothers, hoping that they too will want a part of the eternal offering of a listing on I briefly considered sending out emails that said at the bottom, "if you don't forward this to 10 of your friends I will steal your favorite shoes," but then I read a rant on religious spam mail and decided Gandhi would not be down with those efforts.


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  1. I was thinking I'd be much more willing to contribute if I could improve on reality a bit, say create a cooking-with-mom story that, while perhaps not factual qua factual, still partakes of the truth in a more philosophical (and perhaps Truer) sense. I think it'd be a lot more heartwarming that way. I'm sure you'll agree.