Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Aren't your favorite movie montages the ones that feature audition after audition of horrible or weird talent (and the occasional extreme talent that just mixed up what kind of audition was being held) only to have the perfect person come in at the last second?

Isn't that why we like "American Idol?"

Thankfully, trying out my recipes hasn't started that way. Good for me since I have to taste these dishes, not watch them after being edited by a film professional. I scrutinized the first dish for taste and ease, but everything came together beautifully. If this is all it takes to write a cookbook, I should have started years ago!

Mais non, it is not all garlic and olive oil. As I maintain my vegan standards when cooking, I tweaked the my first test-run to make it without the dairy but with the taste; the original had 2 cups of Parmesans cheese. The result was delicious, but I'm going to need some help to test out the recipes if I keep up like this.

It's a cookbook about mother-daughter cooking? Perfect! My gourmet mother will be trying out the non-vegan selections. Problem solved. More testing news to come - don't forget to send your recipes to me: clare [dot] cookbook [at] gmail [dot] com

Perhaps you like an edgier (crueler) judge-fest though. I found this gem that occurs two days after I move up to Crooklyn - think I can still enter?

Gawker:"We Will Be at the Williamsburg Pageant with Bells On"

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